The Norfolk Yoga Centre

What to expect

Tel: 01760 336510

What to expect

Our yoga studio is located within our home. There is a student changing room and toilet located on the same floor as the studio.

We ask for shoes to be taken off and mobile phones to be turned off. Once you step inside The Norfolk Yoga Centre we want you to step into the home of your yoga practice.

Classes are progressive see our Level Guide from Introductory level to Level 2.

All our classes our run in blocks. We don't offer drop ins and we recommend arriving no more than 5 minutes before class, or any of the events we run here. If you need to drink water leave your water bottle outside the studio.

Missed classes can be made up in the same level class. Make ups need to be caught up within the term and can't be carried over into another.

Regular yoga classes are not suitable for students with certain medical conditions. Do inform your teacher before starting classes and fill out a health form. If you are in doubt or have any concerns about your ability to do yoga please contact us.

We work in bare feet. It's best not to have a heavy meal before practice. Wear clothes you can move in and that are appropriate.

No two classes are the same and we encourage our students to progress and develop. To become more connected and essentially a better human being through the practice of Iyengar yoga.

The NYC Norfolk Yoga Centre