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You never know where you're going to find a great and rather special yoga experience these days, and The Norfolk Yoga Centre - both nurturing and inspiring in the best of the Iyengar tradition - was indeed something rather special. The depth of Camilla & Michael's teaching was unique. It hugely resonated with me. Their lovely Georgian house, combined with the freedom to get out and explore the town and countryside, created a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable break. 

Karen Robinson, The Times, 'Yoga retreat.'

As a couple with a baby, finding time for ourselves together is important. As Tom and I both do Iyengar yoga, we decided to combine our first weekend away since the baby was born with our love of yoga. Michael and Camilla have a great studio within their own lovingly restored home. It was good to have a weekend away on our own and spend time together. The freedom of the weekend choosing your own accommodation was perfect as it meant we had our own weekend break tailored to our needs, as well as a yoga retreat. We enjoyed not having a meal provided on Saturday night as we both had 'me' time in a fantastic recommended restaurant. The weekend is great for new parents as it's a break and feels like a proper weekend away where you can be with other people but there's time to do your own thing, so you're not stuck with people all the time, as on other yoga weekends.

Tom & Catherine Hedges, 'Yoga retreat.'

Attending yoga days with Camilla and Michael has facilitated huge improvements in my yoga practice. The additional time and facilities available have given me a real opportunity to hone and deepen my practice. I like the time and freedom between classes over on the yoga days. Yoga complements my ultra marathon training and has been hugely beneficial in addressing muscular and fascial tightness. I live just 40 minutes away by car, so the centre is commutable for me, and this means I can attend more of them! Camilla and Michael's weekends offer something pretty special. Just take the opportunity to challenge yourself a little bit with some fantastic teaching.

Matt, 'Yoga workshop.'

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend of yoga, fabulous food, great company and brilliant teaching. I had not realised how much I needed this weekend, and am suitably recharged for London life!!

Cat Moloney, PA, 'Yoga retreat.'

A huge thank you to you both for welcoming us into your home for a truly special weekend of yoga. The whole concept of time seemed to vanish for the entire weekend. The house is so full of character and so cosy and welcoming. I simply loved the painted pheasants in the library room. The food was delicious. Thanks again for giving me such a fantastic experience.

Emma Sherman-James, Physiotherapist, 'Yoga retreat.'

Yoga with Camille and Michal is the highlight of my week.


Michael and Camilla's classes are my weekly escapism from work and family hustle and bustle. We are so lucky to have such amazing yoga teachers and a studio, a hop and a skip from home.